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  1. The Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce is looking for some volunteer help for an exciting event we have coming up in Kirksville. We have an Expo type event with major prizes, demonstrations and a DJ at Spring Fever on April 21st.
    We need help setting up and tearing down our event. Set up would need to occur on Thursday, April 19th (12 noon to 10 pm–the earlier the better). Tear down would occur on Saturday, April 21st (4-6 pm-it comes down faster than it goes up).
    Blue Key helped us out a few years ago at a similar event. We will be setting up booth spaces for vendors using metal poles and draperies at the NEMO Fairgrounds. Please call our office 660-665-3766 and let us know if you would be interested in helping. We will have some staff and board members there to help as well.We’d need at least 8-10 people, twice that many would make the work go faster.Please check out the facebook page for Spring Fever 2012 to learn more.

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