Blue Key Members 2016
Blue Key Members 2016


 Arnone, Nic

Beckman, Wyatt

Brown, Jake

Burton, Connor

Fluty, Logan

Hammers, Brock

Haney, Jim

Hatfield, Trevor

Henderson, Brent

Higgins, James

Hoang, Benton

Jadali, Sonny

Kardesch, Nate

Kekeisen, T.J.

Knernschield, Jory

Komar, Nathan

Kuchem, Casey

Lepperd, Zach

McCarty, Maverick

McSalley, Ian

Norfleet, Eric

Novak, Cory

O’ Leary, Bryan

Simmons, Reagan

Simons, Josh

Speno, Leo

Tiefenbrunn, Adam

Trende, Greg

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  1. I am the business manager for Community Opportunities, Inc in Kirksville. We are a non-profit employment agency for people with disabilities. We operate a recycling center and at times we are unable to keep up with the demands of the community. Our organization handles all of Truman’s paper and cardboard recycling. We are looking for a service group that could come in to help with recycling. Is this something that your group would be interested in?

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