Rush Blue Key


All males with 45 credit hours & 3.0 cumulative GPA minimum are welcome.


Scott Halbert 

Brock Hammers


Info Night
12th February
SUB Down Under
6.30 – 8:00pmFirst Interview Night
14th February
SUB Down Under
6.00 – 7.20pm / 7:30 – 8:50pm

Second Interview Night (By Invitation Only)
15th February
SUB Down Under
6.00 – 9:00 pm

Third Interview Night (By Invitation Only)
16th February

The attire for the info night is business casual.
The attire for the interviews is formal.

There will be snacks and refreshments provided.

If you have any friends who meet the requirements and are interested in rushing feel free to invite them as well.
Don’t miss out on other opportunities to get to know the brothers of Blue Key! Contact Brother Josh Hall with questions about brotherhood events at!

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